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What you can do with PandaDoc

Find candidates faster

Find candidates faster

PandaDoc makes it easy to gather and share information with candidates about the roles you’re looking to fill and they can respond with questions or feedback right inside the documents you send.

Better understand client expectations

Better understand client expectations

Stop going back and forth via email trying to nail down what a client’s ideal employee looks like. Instead use PandaDoc to craft a detailed position scope and role requirements document in seconds, share them with clients for approval, and apply their feedback to find that perfect person faster than ever.

Accelerate the onboarding process

Accelerate the onboarding process

Sending employee handbooks, first-day arrival instructions, tax forms, and other onboarding documentation via email takes too long and forces recruiters to chase down signed paperwork for weeks. PandaDoc reduces the time it takes to gather and send documents to a few minutes and allows your onboarding team to see when documents are being received, read, and signed in real-time.

Why PandaDoc?

We work where you are

PandaDoc is the best digital document platform for recruiting and staffing experts whether you’re on site with a client, at a job fair, or in your home office. You can access your entire library of templates and sent documents from anywhere and anyone can sign a PandaDoc from a computer or mobile device without a subscription.

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Easy and intuitive for everyone

You don’t need to be a technical expert to get the most out of PandaDoc. In fact, you can take advantage of every feature without any knowledge of design or computer programming. Our drag and drop editor and user-friendly menus are built to make winning with PandaDoc easy.

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We bring staffing, candidates, and clients closer together

PandaDoc helps you align everyone in the recruiting and hiring process around a single, central document workflow. Documents are faster to create, simple to send, and easier to sign with PandaDoc.

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