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Carr Workplaces

Carr Workplaces
Commercial Real Estate
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Carr Workplaces is a provider of flexible office workspaces that offer concierge-type services. Most offices also include an energetic professional community that helps solo-entrepreneurs get their business off the ground running. Carr Workplaces locations span the entire U.S. including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

The Problem

After experiencing rapid growth, Carr Workplaces needed a new CRM software tool to support their expanding sales team. After completing extensive research, they settled on HubSpot CRM.

Along with a new CRM, Ashley Buckner, the VP of Sales, was also looking for a robust proposal and quote generation software to complement their new HubSpot purchase. Luckily for PandaDoc and our great relationship with HubSpot Ashley decided to take the leap and purchase us.

The Solution

Implementation couldn’t have gone better. Ashley and her team were up and running in a matter of minutes. Carr’s favorite feature has to be the fact that their proposals are now on-brand and very eye-catching.

“Previously, we were using a Word document that was extremely basic. Now, prospects are wowed by our company immediately upon receiving our proposal,” said Buckner.

Second, to the visually appealing documents, Carr also loves that the integration has improved their accuracy and increased productivity. With approval workflows, Ashley can now approve contracts before they are sent, checking for mistakes before they reach their prospect or customer.

The dashboard also allows them to track every proposal throughout their entire sales process easier. Now they can visually see where deals are stuck, so they know when to follow-up.

The Results

Carr Workplaces couldn’t be happier with their investment in HubSpot and PandaDoc. The integration has allowed Ashley and her team to save money, close more deals, and increase their sales velocity.

“HubSpot and PandaDoc have changed our sales process entirely. We are now smarter, faster, and proud of what we are able to send to our prospects.” -Ashley Buckner, VP of Sales and Operations

Since the two pieces of software are seamlessly integrated, Carr Workplaces was able to eliminate additional software including their existing eSignature software. Their entire document process is now completely automated from sending, to approval, to signature, to sales analysis.

In just one quarter, they’ve been able to decrease their time to close by 15% and save over $100,000 in annual software costs.