Why you should reconsider that homegrown eSignature solution for a more credible one

eSignature technology has become an industry standard since its legality in 2000. It’s become the de facto method of signing in the United States and countries around the world.

eSignatures are projected to grow at an annual compounded growth rate of 39.2% until 2020, meaning this technology isn’t going anywhere.

Why you should reconsider that homegrown eSignature solution for a more credible one

But like all revolutionary technology, eSigning has run into problems along the route to mainstream usage. Like the different file formats of early computer adopters, homegrown eSignature methods have caused more problems than they’ve solved.

But with such a revolutionary form of technology, why not use it for yourself?

Why can’t you just use a homegrown solution?

The answer is that using a credible eSignature solution like PandaDoc will help you streamline the process, save time, and stay secure.

Here’s why.

Move the process along at lightning speed

The more time you spend waiting around for someone to sign your document, the less time you have for the things that matter to you and your company.

Whether creating new proposals, managing clients and projects, or just doing the work you’re hired to do, waiting steals profit from everyone’s bottom line. So why wait longer than necessary?

With a verified eSignature solution, you can save loads of time compared to managing documents yourself.

You can integrate the signing process with the tools you already use like HubSpot CRM or Salesforce, meaning there’s less for you to type or copy and paste. Plus, you can import existing templates or save frequently used content blocks so you don’t need to re-create the same proposal over and over again.

Finally, you can get a notification as soon as someone signs so you can keep your sales cycle moving forward.

Eliminate the hassle of document management

Have you ever needed more than one person to sign a document?

If so, then you know what kind of a nightmare ensues. You’ll scramble to handle multiple versions of the same document, all the while trying to keep track of who’s responded to which email.

If you’re lucky, everyone can sign the same document. But if not, you’re stuck with multiple copies with different signatures and then trying to get them all on the same document is nearly impossible.

Instead, an electronic signature platform allows you to keep a master copy that collects each signature from each participant. You can even set up a specific signing order. This means you no longer have to worry about managing emails, keeping track of versions, or sending reminder messages ever again.

An eSignature is pretty simple, right?

Isn’t it just a digital image that represents the signature of the person signing the document?

The answer might surprise you. In fact, a signature has much more than an image. Anyone can scan a signature and “verify” that someone else has signed. With forgeries so easy in the digital age, you need something more secure to ensure your documents hold up in court.

That’s why using the signature feature of your favorite PDF generator won’t cut it. To ensure you’re receiving a legally binding signature that will hold up in court, you need to use a verified solution to handle the details for you.

While it might make sense in the short-term to use built-in features (or even to copy-and-paste a PNG image of your signature), your efforts will disintegrate if they ever come into question.

You wouldn’t trust your business tax filing to a free web accountant you’ve never seen. The same applies to entrusting your company’s most important documents with a novice solution. Instead invest in a tool that was designed to enforce your biggest contracts, proposals, and deals legally.

Secure your documents using state-of-the-art encryption

Maintaining a homegrown solution comes with the same issues present in poor paper document management.

You want to keep your pricing schemes, client contracts, and legal agreements in paper copies in as few places as possible. There’s no need for multiple versions of your forms floating around the offices of your clients and suppliers.

So why do the same with digital copies?

eSignature technologies allow you to maintain one version of the important document and eliminates the chance that a client carbon copies the wrong person when sending a PDF back to you.

Plus, PandaDoc uses AES-256 encryption, which is used by the most secure banking applications. All data storage is held to the highest standards of information security, and we follow industry best practices in the storage of your documents.

If your documents are worth signing, they’re worth keeping out of the hands of competitors or rogue hackers.

Make it as easy as possible for the signee

One of the primary purposes of the eSignature process is to eliminate the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning paper documents. But if you’re not using an eSignature program to handle your documents you’re probably just replacing one faulty system for another.

With PandaDoc, your signee can quickly sign multiple documents without extra hassle. Plus, you can receive signatures from any device. Have you ever had a client tell you she would sign your document once she got back to her desk?

Then days go by without a word until you decide to follow up and get the signature once and for all.

Instead of waiting for the signature, use a platform that allows you to send frequent reminders. They’ll thank you. (And you’ll save hours).

Trust your most important documents to a proven system

Let’s answer the question once and for all. Yes, you can use a homegrown eSignature tool to manage your electronic signatures, just like you can keep track of clients in a spreadsheet.

But it’s faster, easier, and more secure to leave it to the professionals. You’ll streamline the process and sleep better at night knowing that your signatures are in capable hands.

When you use eSignature software like PandaDoc, you can save time and eliminate the hassle that comes with managing the signing process yourself. You’ll keep your documents securely protected and you’ll make it a breeze for the signee to get the deal done.

Stephen is the Founder of Thoughtful Prose, a company dedicated to writing superior content that helps readers and businesses alike.

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