Documentation killing your sales team’s spirit? 4 ways a CRM can supercharge your sales team

Documentation killing your sales team’s spirit? 4 ways a CRM can supercharge your sales team

The sales landscape has transformed over the last few decades. With information so easily available, customers are more informed on your business than ever before. Customers have transformed, but has your sales team kept up by changing the way they make a sale?

Salespeople are overwhelmed by the number of sales documents they have to create and manage like pitchbooks, proposals, presentations and contracts in addition to selling. In fact, sales teams waste 65% of their time on unproductive tasks like creating sales documents.

Some challenges faced by sales teams managing sales documents include:

1. Creating fresh proposals

While one is sure to be over the moon every time a deal is struck, it can be a pain for a salesperson to create  new proposals on a regular basis. This leads to inconsistency in style and brand identity. Additionally, sales reps sacrifice work hours to create proposals from scratch, work that could’ve been done via a template with customization capabilities.

2. Difficulties tracking sales documents across the cycle

It’s strenuous for a sales rep to track a proposal or a contract throughout the sales process when multiple teams are involved. Also, your sales team may not know the right time to reach out to the lead, thanks to a lack of analytics. 

3. Poor visibility into the status of the document

Learning the status of a document can become very difficult for a salesperson. What if the sales rep is on a holiday and the customer asks a crucial pricing question? If their team isn’t aware of the question and nobody responds, the deal might fall through. 

4. Lack of collaboration across teams

Sales documents usually involve multiple stakeholders across teams.

The real question you need to ask is, “How do I solve this?”.

The answer is quite simple. You are already using a CRM software to manage sales. Why not integrate it with your document management system?

Why you need to integrate your CRM and document management software

Increase productivity

With a robust CRM and documentation software integration, your sales teams can create, send and track sales documents right from your CRM. Also, they don’t need to create every single proposal from scratch since you can easily access templates for industry-specific proposals and contracts right within your CRM.

Seamlessly track sales documents across the sales cycle

With a CRM you can probably track when your prospect has opened an email or clicked an attachment. With your document management software integrated with the CRM, you can see the progress of your proposal right within the CRM. You can monitor the status by knowing exactly when your proposal has been received, opened, read, shared and approved by your customer.

Easily access all sales documents from one place

When you have a large sales team and everyone is churning out new sales documents every day, it becomes a hassle to track sales documents. A central repository allows the stakeholders to be aware of all the sales documents that are being created and shared.

Effortlessly collaboration

An integration between your CRM and document management software enables collaboration between teams with features like automated approval workflows, locking content for legal, and commenting features which are accessible from within the Freshsales CRM. Whether it is a client proposal or a single-page quote. The PandaDoc-Freshsales integration will save hours.

Automate time-consuming tasks

With an integration like this, you can automate the process of  following up on leads, creating and sending invoices, and conducting outreach within your proposal and contract management workflows.

How the Freshsales and PandaDoc integration can help you automate sales process

With the Freshsales and PandaDoc integration, your sales teams can pull data from within the CRM automatically into a predetermined template. Your salespeople can play around with the template, create new ones and reuse existing ones.

Content used in the quotes and other sales documents can be saved in the content library, which fastracks the document creation process. Additionally, each proposal can be customised by inserting pricing tables, signature fields, graphs, etc. Besides that, you’ll be notified every time opens, reads or approves your document. Your team can eliminate routine tasks by setting up intelligent workflows within the CRM that send out quotes, proposals and follow-up emails for each deal automatically.

You can boost collaboration with your team withe automated approval workflows, content locking for different teams, online signature, live editing and commenting.

While tackling dipping sales productivity, an integration between your CRM and your document management software can be your breather, helping your sales team create better proposals and close deals fast within the CRM.

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