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How to write a quote for services

If you’re involved in the services industry, even if you’re a small business, then it’s very likely you’ve been contacted regarding a service quote request at one point or another. Customers often assume that service providers simply have a flat rate for a service that can be sent out immediately, but in truth all quotes are unique.

Writing an accurate and professional quote is not as simple as grabbing your standard price and sending it out. Depending on what business you’re in and the demands of the customers, you’re going to need to assess a lot of different factors to come up with the right price.

Another thing to think about is that you’re rarely going to be the only company that the customer has approached for a quote so you need to be competitive on both price and the way that you present your quote.

This article will look at some of the fundamentals of the quoting process and explain how to write a quote for services.

Choosing a price

This can be the hardest part of writing a service quote. If you go too high, other companies are going to undercut you and you risk alienating the lead. Undercharge, however, and you risk operating on very narrow profit margins, or even losing money as a result of taking the job.

The best way to ensure you’ve got a good price is to understand exactly what is expected of you and to comprehensively look at every cost involved, including things like taxes, labor costs, exchange rates, and more.

Making the sale

Service quotes are not just about telling the potential customer what your price is, they’re a golden opportunity for you to make the sale. As you are responding to a request for a price quote, the customer is obviously interested in your services and can be classed as a lead. In theory, you just need to nudge them in the right direction and you’ve got a sale.

Make sure your quote looks good, with a professional layout, add a logo somewhere at the top and all of your contact details clearly stated. Include all the information that the recipient might want, such as cost breakdowns, details of the services you will provide, taxes, total cost, the time period for delivery, payment terms, and even some optional extras that you can upsell.

Also, remember to follow up on quotes after a couple of days to improve your chances.

How to build a service quote with PandaDoc

A formal quote is a serious business document that can even act as a legally-enforceable contract in many cases, fixing your price at the rate you offer. It’s a vital part of your business so you need to be sure that it’s perfect.

Fortunately, quoting software now exists to help businesses quickly create quotes that stand out. PandaDoc allows users to build exceptional quotes in a fraction of the time:

  1. Open a “New Document” by clicking the link on your dashboard.
  2. Click on a quote template from the list or choose to start fresh from a blank page.
  3. Build your quote into something that will impress your customers. Drag and drop everything from text boxes, interactive fields, videos, tables, and more into the quote from the library of features on the right-hand menu.
  4. To save even more time, you can autofill the quote with details from your CRM.

Once completed, you can also send, electronically sign, and track your quotes, all from the cloud-based PandaDoc software, either on a computer or via our mobile app.

Writing better quotes – the easy way

Service quotes are legally-binding documents that can have a massive impact on your business, so it’s important that you get them right. Following the tips in this article will get you on your way to creating the perfect quote.

Using time-saving quoting software like PandaDoc can save you and your business countless hours and give you unlimited, high-quality professional service quotes that make sales, without the hassle.