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Embedded signing with the PandaDoc API

Let your customers sign proposals, quotes, contracts, and more in your app or on your website.

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Embedded signing with the PandaDoc API

Streamline document workflows

Request signatures for proposals, quotes, invoices, contracts, or any other business documents. The PandaDoc API enables you to embed documents and signature fields on your application or website.


PandaDoc handles all the heavy lifting

PandaDoc takes care of all aspects of the electronic signing process. We collect signatures via a secure web interface, keep an audit trail, generate signature certificates, and store signed PDFs copies. PandaDoc is UETA and ESIGN compliant. You’ll have access to 24/7 support for assistance with any aspect of implementing the API.


Quick and straightforward to set up

Customize embedded documents to meet your clients’ needs. Integrate into your workflow with simple JS events on UI and webhooks on the backend. Our extensive documentation guides you through every step of the process.

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Full control over your branding

Embedded documents fit with your existing look-and-feel. Clients that visit your site or app to sign a document will have no idea PandaDoc hosts it. Furthermore, you can design the document to mirror your app’s interface. Your signers won’t need a PandaDoc account to sign your asset.

Design Styles

Just one of many powerful API features

The PandaDoc API isn’t limited to embedded signatures. We’ve built a host of features to streamline your document workflows and when you sign up, you’ll have access to all of them. For example, use PandaDoc Webhooks, to receive instant notifications about client activity. With document generation, you can integrate the document creation process into your own system and pull data from PandaDoc.


Frequently asked questions

How will PandaDoc look on my site?

PandaDoc e-signature fields and document iframes fit seamlessly with your existing branding. You will have full control over the design of the document and the way it appears on your site.

Can I set up embedded signing in my mobile app?

Yes. The PandaDoc API works just as well on mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer. Customers can sign from anywhere. What’s more, embedded documents slot into your mobile design just as they do on a desktop.

How does pricing work?

PandaDoc caters to businesses of any size. Our no-fuss pricing packages include a specific number of documents along with a price per document once you’ve reached your allotted doc count. Our most basic API package includes the full embedded signature functionality. Talk to us about your business needs and we can quote you an exact price amount.

How will I know if the document is signed?

Embedded documents utilize JavaScript events. You can direct clients to other areas of your site based on their activity and you’ll know exactly what’s going on with documents in PandaDoc. Our API can easily do this by providing a callback, for example, for a ‘completed’ event and redirect your clients to the next step. Also, you can set automated processes within PandaDoc for ‘loaded’, ‘started’, and ‘exception’ events that can lead your clients to additional specific actions.

How does PandaDoc compare with other API solutions?

There are lots of API packages for embedded signing on the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult. PandaDoc offers one of the most feature-rich solutions currently available. You’re probably thinking, “ would say that!” But just take a look for yourself and see how we compare to DocuSign and HelloSign.