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Looking for an alternative to Seismic?

Replace Seismic with PandaDoc for custom templates, advanced documents, and built-in electronic signatures.

Leverage Marketing Content
Integrate with Salesforce CRM
Engagement Analytics
Automated Document Generation
Phone/Email/Online Support
Custom Template Libraries
Integrate with Non-Salesforce CRM
Drag and Drop Document Builder
Built in Electronic Signature
Online Collaboration and Negotiation

Custom templates

When you switch to PandaDoc, you can standardize your frequently used business documents with a custom template library that your team can access from anywhere. Create branded and compliant proposals, quotes, contracts, and more.

More advanced documents

PandaDoc will vastly upgrade your document creation process. Our drag and drop document builder makes it easy to change layouts, add content and collateral, and embed media. PandaDoc automatically draws crucial contact, product, and opportunity data from Salesforce.

Built-in electronic signatures

PandaDoc includes unlimited, legally-binding eSignatures that allow you to get your documents signed faster than ever without paying for a separate product. You and your prospects can view and eSign documents from any device without sacrificing security or convenience.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Powerful analytics

Today’s high performing sales teams leverage data to improve performance and efficiency, and PandaDoc offers insightful document analytics that give you a deeper view into your sales cycle. Sales leaders use PandaDoc dashboards to forecast accurately, and sales reps leverage analytics to follow-up and close deals more efficiently.

Faster, less expensive deployment

PandaDoc is built with efficiency and accessibility in mind. Companies that switch to PandaDoc are able to customize, deploy, and train employees to use the platform in less than a week.

Dozens of integrations

We’re proud to offer seamless integrations with more than two dozen of today’s most popular business software platforms, including Salesforce. You’ll love using PandaDoc inside the tools you’re already familiar with to improve how you create, send, track, and sign documents.

Sales and marketing alignment

Marketing departments use PandaDoc to empower sales teams with custom libraries of collateral that can be sent from inside Salesforce or embedded in any document. Sales teams benefit by having the content and collateral they need to close deals at their fingertips.

Industry leading support

Our support team at PandaDoc are among the most responsive in the industry. We offer custom support options that meet any company’s needs or budget, including support via email, phone, and chat, as well as dedicated account managers.

Frustration-free collaboration

You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple email threads when you use PandaDoc to manage your documents. Every document includes private and open commenting functionality that making it easier to collaborate, review, and negotiate.

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