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PandaDoc vs. Proposify: 2022 Comparison

Start using PandaDoc and enjoy everything Proposify offers — plus advanced eSignatures, better quotes, advanced conditional approval flow, mobile editing, and 24/7 support.

Custom templates
Proposal analytics
CRM integrations 6 15
Product merge from CRM Only in Salesforce Across all CRMs
CRM custom field merge Only in Salesforce Across all CRMs
Online payments Stripe PayPal, Stripe, Square, etc.
Support Limited 24/7
Custom eSignature fields
Signing order
eSignature certificate
In-person signing
Upload and import existing documents
Built and edit documents in mobile app
HIPAA and FERPA Compliant
Conditional logic
Bulk digital signatures
Renewal notifications

Collect legally-binding eSignatures

Our electronic signature software provides a flawless customer experience for signing your proposals, quotes, and contracts with ESIGN- and UETA- compliant eSignatures. Your customers can view and eSign any document you send on any computer, smartphone, and tablet. PandaDoc also offers in-person signing — which you can’t get with Proposify.

Create documents faster

We’ve designed PandaDoc business proposal software to make document generation fast and easy. Proposify users need to work with a difficult online editor, while PandaDoc customers routinely reduce document creation time by up to 65% with these efficient features:

  • Powerful drag-and-drop online editor
  • Google Doc, .docx, and Word Online importing
  • Existing document uploading to create a PandaDoc document or template
  • Custom quotes, contracts, and business proposal templates
  • Centrally located and organized content library for pricing tables, case studies, multimedia content, and more
  • Automatic data sync with CRMs

Configure better quotes

PandaDoc combines the simplicity and beauty of a document builder with configurable pricing options from quoting software. You can use the PandaDoc pricing table to deliver quotes with optional line items, per-item and bulk discounts, and taxes without struggling with complex and complicated tools. Alternatively, you can automate your quoting sales process with a built-in product catalog, or sync product data into your sales documents from your CRM to close deals more quickly.

Award-winning proposal, contract, and eSignature software

In 2022, PandaDoc continues to dominate the proposal, contract, and eSignature software categories on third-party review sites. Read all about our customers’ love for our product on G2 and TrustRadius.


What you get when you switch from Proposify to PandaDoc

Legally binding digital signatures

Not only are our electronic signatures legally binding and easy to use, but you can also create custom fields, receive recipient files, and set up a signing order. Proposify digital signing features limit you to basic eSignature fields without much customization.

Fast deployment

PandaDoc may be one of the most powerful digital document solutions on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to get up and running. In fact, most companies can deploy PandaDoc in a single day, and we’ve seen large companies with complex document processes deploy in less than one week. We also offer a dedicated onboarding team to help implement any use case you need. Proposify offers a small, 50-person support team; PandaDoc offers 24/7 support from 200+ agents throughout several countries.

Better CRM integrations

A digital document solution should enhance the tools you’re using today, not distract you from them. That’s why PandaDoc seamlessly integrates with dozens of business software tools, including every major CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Microsoft Dynamics. Proposify has fewer integrations and related capabilities.

Easy collaboration

Working smoothly together is easy with PandaDoc, thanks to our built-in commenting feature. You’ll no longer have to struggle with lengthy email threads, and with our audit trail, you won’t have to worry about fetching the latest document version. PandaDoc manages it all for you, giving you a centralized space to communicate with your recipients in every document.

Effective teamwork

Make cross-functional collaboration easier among all your team members, with unlimited workspaces so you can close deals faster. Define content, templates, settings, and more within each workspace. You can also create customized roles to match each team’s workflow and approval process. If your sales, marketing, and finance teams often work together within the same documents, PandaDoc is the superior choice over Proposify.

Streamlined approvals

Improve your document process so it’s in step with your document policy and procedures. Build approver assignments and approval workflow rules with clear next steps using workflow features you’ll find in typical contract management software — but won’t find in Proposify. If a streamlined approval process is what you’re looking for, your search ends with PandaDoc.

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