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PandaDoc offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for contract management, proposals, quotes, and eSignatures.

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Improve productivity with contract authoring automation

Achieve contract generation in a standardized language with an enterprise library of pre-approved templates and clauses. Get more flexibility with PandaDoc document generation for any document type including contracts, proposals, quotes, invoices. Make your documents look professional and on brand with custom design capabilities.

Reduce approval cycle times

Orchestrate an enterprise-level contract approval process with Icertis rule-based approval workflows to shorten your document process. With PandaDoc contract management software you can set up approval rules based on the total contract value or discounts so that contracts are routed to the right approvers or a group of approvers. Approvers will receive auto-reminders when action is required.

Move deal forward with collaboration and negotiation tools

Improve negotiations with built-in redlining and collaboration tools. With PandaDoc you can add comments or work with Word versions to collect feedback from each and every party that must review a contract before it is signed.

Get your contracts signed

Collect eSignatures and store signed copies in a central repository. Both solutions also support manual or in-person signing. Icertis (ICM) offers third-party integrations for eSignatures which require separate subscriptions and additional costs. PandaDoc includes legally-binding eSignatures with every plan at no additional cost.

Keep track of contract processes with alerts and notifications

Provide visibility into a document’s status with automated notifications and real-time tracking. Make your contract routine easier and push contracts forward with ongoing insights, automated action reminders, and renewal alerts.

Why PandaDoc is better than Icertis contract management software

Affordable for SMBs

Icertis (ICM platform) is a complex leading enterprise-wide contract management solution designed for large enterprise companies. With PandaDoc you’ll receive a feature-rich solution for contract management, proposals, quotes, and even eSignatures packaged in reasonably-priced subscription with no set up fees or minimum users required.

Fit for any document type

Your business relationships aren’t limited to just contracts so a universal solution won’t work. PandaDoc is a better fit than Icertis contract management especially if you work with proposals, quotes, and contracts. Leverage unlimited templates, a content library, and pricing tables for quotes for fast document generation and eSigning.

End-to-end solution from pitching to payments

While Icertis (ICM) is a great fit for contract management for legal and procurement professionals, PandaDoc manages sales document workflows from customer pitches to online payments. PandaDoc also integrates with a dozen of the most popular CRMs so you can manage all of your documents in one place and save on additional tools.

Easy to get started

As with any enterprise-wide system, Icertis contract lifecycle management software requires at least a quarter to deploy and configure for your company. PandaDoc offers a free trial so that you can test it out for your business and its needs. And usually, our customers can have PandaDoc up and running in less than 2 weeks.

Make a great first impression

Compared to Icertis, PandaDoc not only provides contract lifecycle management automation and compliance tools but we also provide great design capabilities for making your documents look professional and on brand. Create proposals, quotes, and contracts and add interactive elements like videos or optional pricing packages to close deals faster.

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