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Users switching from Formstack Forms to PandaDoc can dramatically lower costs while enjoying better design and e-signature tools for online forms.

Drag-and-drop Form Builder
Unlimited Form Submissions $ $
Mobile-friendly Forms
Document Analytics
Approval Workflows
Data Encryption
Template Library
Payment Gateway
Mobile App
Custom Branding
File Upload
Conditional Logic
Export as PDF
Salesforce Integration
HIPAA-Compliance $
Legally Binding eSignatures $
In-built Document Generation $
Content Library $
Unlimited Form Creation
24/7/365 Support

No-code form building

At their core, most online form builders (Wufoo, Ninja Forms, JotForm, etc.) offer the same basic functions, and that is mostly true here. Both PandaDoc and Formstack Forms offer no-code, drag-and-dropform builders that are intuitive and user-friendly. This means that you don’t need any special skills to build the form.  You can drag form fields into the visual interface and see them come to life right before your eyes.

Lower cost, better features

By the numbers, the PandaDoc Business Plan costs $49/month for everything you need to build incredible sales documents. You even get 250 free form submissions with the plan (additional form submissions cost $2 per entry). Formstack pricing is broken up between forms, digital signatures, and document generation. When you use Formstack Forms, you’ll pay just as much for basic forms features. If you want other solutions, like the document editor or digital signature tools, you’ll pay quadruple or more what you’d pay for with PandaDoc!

Perfect for any industry

Online forms are helpful in almost every industry, from healthcare to non-profits. With forms, you can automate your paper forms intake and streamlinebusiness processes. Capturing information through a digital platform is faster, more accurate, and requires minimal effort beyond creating the form and consolidating the data when the process is complete.

Your forms, available everywhere

Both PandaDoc and Formstack Forms are embeddable through HTML/CSS, meaning that your forms can integrate with your website without the need for specialized plugins or tools. As an added bonus, forms submitted through embedded capture are encrypted, and the information is transferred directly to your product dashboard. This is safer than using a plugin or storing the information somewhere on your website.

24/7/365 customer support

Have a question that needs to be answered?  With Formstack support, you can send an email, but it might take a while before you receive a reply. At PandaDoc, we want to help you get back on track as quickly as possible.  That’s why we offer around-the-clock chat support inside the PandaDoc dashboard! Simply click the chat tool and you’ll be connected with a team member who can help.

Build great documents for less with PandaDoc

Built-in document-building

Forms are just a small part of everything that PandaDoc has to offer. Our packages aren’t separated into separate products. When you subscribe to our Business Plan, you’ll have the functionality required to build great forms, contracts, proposals, and other sales docs for your business. Our document-building tools are immediately available for your use.

Consolidate your workspace

Because we make no distinctions in the type of documents our tools can create, you can consolidate your document creation in one place. If you’ve been creating forms with Formstack Forms while keeping your document generation in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or another product, all of that can change with PandaDoc. Because our tools allow you to consolidate everything, it’s easier than ever to build all of your documents in one place. Comfortable where you are? No problem. Simply import your documents when you finish creating them and add digital signatures or payment gateways before you send them to signers.

Digital signatures done right

Formstack Forms allows you to capture an electronic signature on your forms. Unfortunately, these signatures are just images of a signature that are saved with your files. By themselves, they have no legal weight. With PandaDoc, every electronic signature captured using a form is done so as a legally binding e-signature. Our process ensures the validity of the signer and generates a digital certificate validating the signature as the process completes. If you’re trying to ensure that signatures are authentic on your forms, PandaDoc is the way to go.

Integrations you love

Beyond forms, PandaDoc integrates withSalesforce, HubSpot, and other CRM tools to help with automation and streamlining. This includes payment options like Stripe, Paypal, Square, and others. Integrations help you create a tech stack that works and flows seamlessly together — a must for any business in today’s competitive workspace.

Security & compliance for every document

With both PandaDoc and Formstack, you’ll be able to enjoy encryption for your form submissions.  Unfortunately, with Formstack security, HIPAA-compliant forms are only available at the enterprise level. With PandaDoc, every document (including forms) is HIPAA-compliant as long as your company signs a BAA with our team.  This security is built into the product so that you can maintain data compliance without the premium cost.

Automate your data collection

Because PandaDoc offers such a robust selection of tools for data collection and analysis, it’s a powerful Formstack alternative when it comes to automation. Data from your forms are easily consolidated in your PandaDoc dashboard and can be downloaded via CSV for analysis in Excel or Google Sheets. On top of that, we also offer document analytics so that you can evaluate how users interacted with your forms and documents and make adjustments where necessary.

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