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Switching from airSlate?

Users switching from airSlate to PandaDoc will enjoy robust drag-and-drop tools and an all-in-one document solution that avoids bots and complicated internal processes.

Document Generation
PDF Editor
Legally-binding e-Signatures
Document Management
Payment Gateway
Document Analytics
Team Workspaces
Contract Negotiation Tools
Web Form Builder
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Tools
Template Builder
Template Library
Custom Variables
CRM Integrations
Approval Workflows
Document Storage
Notifications and Tracking
Audit Trails
Customizable User Roles
Content Library
Drag-and-Drop Document Editor
Mobile app (Android & iOS)
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Add a personal touch to your documents

For what it’s worth, we actually think that airSlate is a great fit for individuals who want to spend time tweaking and automating their internal processes. AirSlate does a great job allowing users to automate those workflows, and that’s commendable. But if you want a personalized, more hands-on approach to document creation, PandaDoc may be the better solution. PandaDoc isn’t focused on business automation. We’re focused on helping you create documents, capture signatures, and close deals.

Break free of the bots

If you’re into it, the robotic process automation that airSlate brings to the table can really drive success. But even though airSlate bills it as a no-code or low-code solution, there’s still a learning curve when it comes to building processes and setting everything up the right way. If you’re looking to streamline your document flow, the bots and workflow management may seem like overkill. PandaDoc helps you stay focused on your real-time objectives while keeping you engaged in document processes in a meaningful and effective way.

Workflow automation where you need it

Of course, airSlate is all about empowering users to automate their workflow. While PandaDoc doesn’t offer nearly as many options when it comes to business automation, we do have automation when you need it. Our software will notify you automatically when customers view and sign your documents, and our template tools can help you save hours building documents from scratch.

All-in-one electronic signature collection

Like airSlate, PandaDoc helps you capture legally binding electronic signatures for your documents. PandaDoc users can collect signatures for any document created in or uploaded to the PandaDoc editor. Establish a signing order, send your document, and collect your audit trail for signature verification. It’s that easy.

Better document management software

With airSlate, you’ll learn to manage your business through workflow automation, but you’ll have to create rules and workflows for you how you want your documents to be stored. With PandaDoc, many of those decisions are baked into the software. PandaDoc comes with an onboard CRM, and it’s possible to create a template library and a filing system that makes sense for your business. Additionally, you can use the search feature to find any document in your archive.

Keep your documents personal with PandaDoc

Build enterprise content from scratch

Unlike many airSlate competitors, PandaDoc gives you unparalleled control over document generation. Tools like Adobe Sign and SignNow (other airSlate top alternatives) only allow you to drag fields onto locked PDFs. Our document editor acts just like a Microsoft Word document or a Google doc, allowing you to add text, images, photos, and more to your document in real time. This versatile tool can even be used to create documents that don’t require a signature, such as a brochure or marketing flyer. With PandaDoc, you can build the content that your business needs in order to succeed.

A no-code way to win contracts

While airSlate offers a no-code way to automate your business, the processes get mangled while building bots and workflows. While we think this is a great fit for the right person, we believe most people just want to win their contract and close the sale. PandaDoc is here to help you do just that. Build stunning sales documents and send them directly to your customers without worrying about unnecessary automation and pipeline management.

A great fit for all departments

PandaDoc works for everyone from sales and marketing teams all the way to accounting and human resources. Whether your team needs to create fillable forms from new hire documentation or a sales contract for customers to sign, PandaDoc is easy to understand and simple to use. With airSlate, you’ll need someone who actually understands how to build those workflows before it can become effective. If your airSlate power user is in your IT department, she may not be able to help your HR manager who just wants to send new hire paperwork.

Content management made easy

PandaDoc is equipped with tools to help you manage and store your content. Using PandaDoc, you’ll be able to set up an approval workflow so that documents can’t be sent without a secondary signoff. Our content library helps you manage branded images and logos. Even our tracking and notification system helps you stay on top of documents requiring attention. And when your contracts are signed and your invoices are paid, you can use our cloud storage system to keep documents organized and accessible from your PandaDoc account.

Connect to Salesforce and other CRMs

Both PandaDoc and airSlate help you connect with other software in your tech stack so that you can streamline your document workflow. Whether you’re connecting with Salesforce, Google Drive, or Excel (through Zapier), PandaDoc can help you connect to the SaaS services and software solutions that help you get the job done.

One platform for document management

In recent years, airSlate has diversified its interests. The airSlate business cloud connects SignNow and pdfFiller to airSlate, effectively giving users three different sets of software to work with. PandaDoc keeps its functionality rolled into a single platform so that you only have to learn how to use one software solution in order to get the results you want.

Avoid complex business process management (BPM)

With PandaDoc, you’ll get a solution that’s focused on helping you develop the documentation you need to close deals and sign contracts. While using airSlate has its advantages, you’re stuck somewhere between Nintex-level business process management and true, hands-on document generation. If you’re looking for more control over your document, and you want to learn more about your customers in the process, PandaDoc can help you get there.

24/7 customer support

Using airSlate, you’ll be able to consult your knowledge base for questions and contact support during working hours. At PandaDoc, we don’t want you to be left in the dark. That’s why we offer 24/7 live chat support to help you stay on task. When you have questions, our agents will guide you to the resources you need and help you get back to work. That way, you can get your contracts sent without waiting hours for an email or a reply.

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